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Round 3 Predictions

I made my picks on Tuesday, and I'm sticking with Sens in 6 and Ducks in 6. I've been blind to Detroit's attributes thus far, picking them to lose both rounds, so I might as well stay that way. I just can't see Detroit standing up to the Ducks. Frankly, I don't think the Sabres can either. But I think the Senators have a chance against the Ducks. I kinda feel bad for jumping ship from backing the Sabres as I did in the preseason, but I think Ottawa is playing better all-around hockey.

(more later...maybe)

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Department of Redundancy Department

Alan Adams over at sportnet.ca informs his readers that, shock of all shocks, MLSE is a dysfunctional organization no matter what the Chairman of the Board says. Well, gosh, I'm relieved Mr.Adams has cut through that nagging fog of uncertainty.

But he goes on to bemoan the inaction of the board, Ferguson, et al. as justification for what I'm not exactly sure. Is it to promote the cause to find a new ownership group? Or is it to forward the cause to have Ferguson fired. If it is the latter, then I would have to disagree.

Ferguson is rebuilding a horrendously dysfunctional hockey program basically from scratch. The fruits of this labo(u)r won't be realized for atleast another two years, probably more. Yes, I'd like to see a few more wins in the interim, but I think we can all agree JFJ is not a miracle worker. I don't particularly like all of his moves, but in general I agree with the direction he is taking. And for those who want an articulated 'plan,' you aren't paying attention.

Too bad the MSM has to print/publish/post something on a schedule, because complaining about a lack of development isn't news worthy and worthy of opinion. Sadly, that is more a critique of the media in general, but in the hockey world Leafs-centered opine is the worst offending group.

Rest assured, JFJ will be back and the patient rebuilding of a winner while attempting to ice a play-off calibre team supplemented via free agency will continue.

Personally, I can't wait to see Tlusty and Kulemin finally dress for a game.

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Hip Surgery for Sundin?

Not good, as the words 'Mogilny' and 'degenerative' are mentioned in the article. Of course, that is pure speculation at this point. UPDATE - Actually, this entire post was prompted by speculation and heresay, officially denied by the team and Mats' representation. Lesson learned. Hopefully the condition isn't that bad, Mats takes his time rehabbing and signs a discounted contract for a reduced role on the ice, Scott Gomez becomes a Leaf, and Sundin eventually regains his Conan-like form around March '08. Hopefully.

Carlo Colaiacovo also had surgery to repair a knee injury. Oh yeah, the heated issue of him re-signing is a non-story. Hype really bugs me at times.

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