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Kirke in Outerspace

What can I say about a supposed Leafs fan being suprised about the level of interest in the "product" and the direction the "product" is going to take when for years there has been no direction...just profits. I could go on and whine about how ownership merely looks at one of the flagship franchises of the NHL as first and foremost a product, and how Peddie enlists someone with zero recruiting experience to partner on the highest profile sports executive(s) recruitment process this side of the equator. At such a fundamentally important juncture, this course of action is sadly not surprising. Why you ask? Because to ownership a paradigm shift is not considered necessary. But I digress.

However Kirke does reveal some actual facts from the actual GM search. Doug Armstrong will be interviewed soon. The Red Wings' executive structure is the model to be hopefully imitated. Despite sounding sexy, this committee concept of team building succeeding in Toronto is still up for debate. Can egos be put aside and power struggles avoided in an environment created by a corporation? I'm not so sure.

However, the possibility of Joe Nieuwendyk joining the team in any capacity is exciting. Joe is one of my favorite players, as are all former lacrosse stars turned NHLers. His wisdom on the offensive side of the puck is invaluable.

If you allow me to indulge my Leafs' dream, ideally, the Leafs would also need a Selke type ex-player to impart the details of the game. No names come to mind at the moment, but you get the idea. The round table also needs 'big picture' guy; the admiral who will steer the ship through the years to eventually build a hockey player factory and a team that focuses on winning the Cup, and is satisfied with nothing less, and demonstrates that mindset each and every day.

If MLSE ever needs a mission statement drafted, I'd be pleased to contribute. Because they need the help. Even from a blogger.

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