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Sundin Signs...

When he's good and ready.

You know what? I'm going to get all speculative on your ass, and say Mats is pulling a Neidermayer. He isn't dangling the retirement word, but he doesn't have too. He's a UFA. And he's learned from the blowback Scotty felt last year that misdirecting the public so heinously is not without its perils. But he is planning on doing the same thing; take half the season off, sign with a contender, and make a push for that Stanley Cup that would complete his legacy.

He's going to take his time 'deciding' if he's coming back, probably until about January or February when his name will start floating around the ether, like Forsberg. Questions of fitness and his ailing hip will be posed and answered. The usual suspects of destinations will begin their courting or denying interest. Sundin will field a handful of serious offers before committing to a team he has connections to. Is that the Swede heavy Red Wings? Or maybe his buddy Naslund and the Canucks have a shot. Or maybe the...go read the archives from the weeks leading up to the '08 trade deadline for a complete list of possibilities.

In any event, Sundin ain't done. His mission is not complete. The circle is not closed. His destiny, unfulfilled. Mats wants a Cup, and that will be the main factor in his decision.


But I'm just speculating. Maybe he wants to play a full season at 85% and save some for the playoffs. Maybe he wants to risk injury and jeopardize his dwindling opportunities to hoist Lord Stanley. Maybe he wants to come back and provide leadership to a team intent on gutting itself.

Happy fishing, Mats. Just keep the Leafs in mind if they're in contention in February.