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It was a tough game for Wayne Gretzky behind the bench as Mats Sundin had two goals and an assist in the Leafs win

I should probably add the game hasn't been played yet. But why should I let a little thing like reality get in the way of enjoying a win for the good guys? PS2 previews will become a regular feature here, as I just found the gimmick today and I'm intrigued as to its accuracy.

Saturday's game should see the return of Nik Antropov, who will be playing alongside Wellwood and Stajan. I'm not sure who will be playing down the middle, as all three are natural centers, I think, but I like the combination of size, speed, grit, and skill.

McCabe is expected to miss his second consecutive game. I think he should take his time, and let the remaining D corps get some chemistry going.

Marius Cherckovsky (aka Czerkawski) suffered an undisclosed boo-boo in practice and won't be cracking the line up, again. So be sure to expect more hobbled Domi and Tucker getting quality ice time, though one of the two might get the night off.

On a side note, Joe Thornton let slip quite the quote last night.

It's not my team. I don't care anymore.

Damn. That's harsh.

Mr.Mirtle posted a comprehensive and organized list of all hockey blogs. I plan to let him know about my new little slice of cyber heaven.

And Finally, a nugget of wisdom from all places an NBA coach

I think our league spends so much time talking about individual players
You think, Larry? Nah, you've gotsta be kiddin'. But if you aren't, can you have a word with Gary Bettman who thinks the NBA and its marketing approach is the buttered-side of WonderBread? I'd really appreciate it.

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