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Infrastructure Lacking. MLSE to Blame.

"Two Leafs employees also confirmed the team does not pay scouts a car allowance or cover all their cellphone bills."

Many much smaller companies reimburse their valuable assets, ie. employees, because of the added value they bring to the company. Without question, the Toronto Maple Leafs should have one of, if not, the best inner workings of any NHL team. Not paying for unavoidable expenses is a disgrace and indicative of a prevailing attitude towards operation of the NHL franchise. Button left, obviously unhappy for a what I would guess are a number of reasons, most prominently being not using draft choices. Tough to stay motivated and feel accomplished when all your draft research is for naught.

The linked article asks the question("...the marquee franchise can afford to inject millions of dollars more in its hockey operation. But where to start spending? Scouting might be a good start, say several hockey executives...") like it hasn't been a major complaint from Leafs Nation for years. And newly anointed assistant GM Mike Penny misses the point when comparing the Leafs scouting department of 11 being twice as large as some of their rivals (I wouldn't want to try and decipher who 'rivals' consist of, considering how badly some NHL teams are run). If the organization plans to rebuild on the fly, exceptional value must be harvested from middling to late picks, which is likely more possible if more knowledge is available from more rinks around the world. Yes, the information still needs to be analyzed effectively and a sound draft strategy followed, but decisions are best made based upon the best information possible.

"You think it's an accident that no one who has won a Stanley Cup is working in that front office?"

That's the kind of honesty I appreciate.

I have to say, I like this new angst toward MLSE in the media. Stop drinking the kool-aid and rattling JFJ's cage. Go after the root of the problem. Nice work from the Star this weekend!

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  • At 12:59 PM, Blogger Pseudonym said…

    I remember John Ferguson commenting that after the introduction of the salary cap, the Leafs were going to invest some of that freed up money on strenthening their organization. That never happened. Instead he let go Head Scout Barry Trapp to hire a crony. Trapp was the scout brought in by Quinn who drafted Wellwood, White, Colaiavoco, Steen, Bell, Stajan. Since he was let go not too much youth has moved up to the big club.

  • At 3:27 PM, Blogger mike said…

    Actually, that did happen. It just didn't last. The scouting department was bolstered, along with the coaching staff. I don't even think the Leafs had a goaltending coach before McKichan. They brought in strength and conditioning help too. Unfortunately the scouting department has been neglected. Cox even responded in his malebag to a question about Button leaving, and he being omniscent on all things Leafs doesn't even know the story. My guess, no high picks being made and/or JFJ not wanting to be outshined by a former GM.


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