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Ranking Round Up Returns

Yahoo! 27th(--) - (2-3-2) – "The heck with all the goaltending controversy of who is No. 1 – Vesa Toskala or Andrew Raycroft – the Leafs are not very good on defense."

TSN 16th(16th) - (2-3-1) - "Mats Sundin is off to a fantastic start, with ten points and a plus-7 in six games, while capturing the Leafs' all-time records for goals and points, and he's helped elevate enigmatic Nik Antropov, who has seven points of his own."

CBC 21st(17th) - (2-3-1) - "Won't go anywhere unless defensive play improves."

CBS 20th(17th) - (2-3-1) - "Even though the Leafs have scored more goals than anyone so far, they don't have enough offense to beat teams when they allow an average of 45 shots per night, as they have for the last couple of games."

FOX - 21st (22nd) - (2-3-2) - "Aside form their 8-1 win over the Islanders, Toronto had a week to forget. The Leafs defense was nowhere to be found in Week 2, giving up 133 shots and 18 goals in three losses to the Hurricanes, Penguins and Sabres."

Sonny Moore 29th

USA Today/Sagarin - 21st

Me 10/02/07 - "The crease will take care of itself. The real issue is from the crease out, in particular team defense."

TSN, 10 demerits for missing the blatantly obvious! Tsk! Tsk!



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