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A quick note

For all the hoopla being created by the media about which goaltender is #1, or who will start the season against Ottawa, and how JFJ's fate is linked with Toskala's play, it really is all crap, no matter how many times you read "it really all comes down to [insert name here]," which is guaranteed to pop up mid way through the season when the politicking inevitably begins.

I know the story line is oh so tempting, and oh so predictable, but the goalie "controversy" is no such thing. Tandems were used widely last season by successful teams, and is becoming a smart strategy for the long haul of te 82 game schedule. The crease will take care of itself. The real issue is from the crease out, in particular team defense. Why this isn't the rhythm of the drum in t.dot, I have no idea. Or maybe I do. Maybe it is because MLSE wants to market an 'exciting' brand of hockey, and who doesn't want to watch an exciting brand of hockey, right? I know, fans who want to watch winning hockey. That's who!

So stop pitting the team's two tenders against one another. Because in the end, it really all comes down to winning. Not who is in goal.


Not buying into it

p.s. - Alienating Sundin, however much sugar you coat it with, isn't much better of a story line.

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