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In Among the Hills of Morris....

I just have to follow up a previous mention of George Parros, class of 1998, by mentioning his visit to Delbarton on his one day with Stanley. Here's a link to the Daily Record. [via] Congrats George! I never would've dreamt the Stanley Cup would've visited the senior garden.

And that 'stach rocks!

In other news reported late Friday, seemingly intended to be lost in the news cycle, the Leafs have promoted from within and rewarded Jeff Jackson, JFJ's capologist, with an Assistant GM title. This brings the Assistant GM count to two, supposedly leading the way in organizational structure innovation.
In effect, Jackson's promotion gives the Leafs two assistant GMs, since Mike Penny also retained his job and title as well.

"That may end up being kind of a new [organizational] model," Jackson said. "The only thing I'm going to be doing more of is help Mike manage the [Toronto] Marlies and be more involved with our prospects playing in the American [Hockey] League, and maybe do a little more scouting with the players we drafted.

"Really, day to day, nothing's really changing."
It would've been refreshing to have seen the organization add someone who brings something new to the table. But alas, miracles don't happen that frequently. Not even ever forty years. I also get the sense the Toronto media is almost pissed about this unexciting development, sucking all the potential dramatic ammunition from their collective arsenal.

I'm sure they'll think of something to overhype. They always do.

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