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This is a marathon, not a race

I was a little more patient this year making predictions about the upcoming season. I figured changing predictions three weeks later, and a week before the puck drops for reals, was a tad premature. Having learned that valuable life lesson while procrastinating at an elite level, I'm back for more. I posted my guesses last Friday over at spofi.

(2)NYR - Hank the Tank and the Invisible D should be a band name.
(4)Pitt - aged like Bourbon, 1 year in Pitt is like 4 years elsewhere
(7)PHI - Little Montreal, with Biron, Gagne and Briere running the show
NJD - Sorry folks, the playoff streak ends here. It has to, right?
NYI - Ricky D is a force, but not an unstoppable one.

(1)OTT- Hoping for a President's Trophy curse on this one.
(5)BUF - All those games they should've lost last year, this year they will.
(6)TOR - Wellwood is gonna....nevermind. Fingers crossed.
MON - Koivu won't let this team fall, but even strength play needs help.
BOS - Kessel should entertain. Manny pines for midwest.

(3)CAR - Ward, Kaberle, Staal, Cullen all due for a rebound.
(8)FLA - Defensive scheme should prevail in offense first division
ATL - Can't get to the playoffs without a L1 center
WAS - Did you know Kolzig is from South Africa?
TMP - Surpised they made it the past two seasons. Luck runs out.

(1)DET - Franzen scares me
(7)NAS - Maybe too high, but I love their style of play
CHI - Wall and Havlat are key. Yanic, Williams are clicking with Bourque
STL - Paul Kariya is not dumb. Tkachuk almost scored 30 last year.
COL - I had faith before last season. Hitchcock has his work cut out.

(3)VAN - Offense? We don't need no stinkin' offense!
(5)COL - Defense? We don't need no stinkin' defense!
(6)MIN - Dominic Moore between Demitra and Gaborik? Uh, ok.
CAL - Kipper, Phaneuf and Iggy are good for not last place, right?
EDM - Tough division to come out of nowhere. Could surprise conference.

(2)SJ - Fast start will carry them through. No back up for Nabby worrying.
(4)ANA - Slow start, but reinforcements wait in the wings.
(8)LA - If not for horrendous tending, they were a playoff team last year.
DAL - Offense, we need a stinking offense.
PHX - Yipes!

FINALS - NYR vs ANA (Ducks in 5)



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