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Not His Fault

I hate this Kaberle NTC/"Hanging Around" meme. Couldn't come up with a more damning title? Why not "Kaberle screws franchise for not waiving NTC." That would've been less obvious.

Don't lay this debacle and desperate attempt to regain squandered assets at his feet. Burke made his play for Kessel, gambling the future for a return to the playoffs. Not sure why a gamble was necessary when so much foundational work had yet to be accomplished. Don't blame Kaberle. Don't blame Kaberle. Blame Burke and his ego. Blame Fletcher and his lack of long term committment (Hollweg for anything is laughable). Blame JFJ has year to year battle for survival (note to self-WJC players of the tournament are not to be traded).

When will a long term committment to sustained franchise on-ice success emerge from the halls of MLSE? When, I ask? When?! I don't care about success rates of draft picks making the NHL. I want to enjoy atleast having the chance to evaluate and perhaps watch the growth of a crop of draftees. Is that too much to ask?



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