Raking Leafs

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Puck Drops in 60

Apparently there is a Leafs game tonight or something. And people seem to be somewhat excited about it.

I know this guy is.

I'll be watching the Versus broadcast in HD down here south of the 49th. I have to say that without Versus I would never get to see an out of market NHL game in HD. That is why I'm happy to promote the channel. Now if only my cable provider would make room for the NHL Network HD and Center Ice HD my quest for deluding myself into thinking I'm still in Leafland would be complete. But alas, these things take time and I'll have to wait until the Second Great Depression is over to see 82 Leafs games in HD. But enough of my plight.

Anyone in GTA who would like to win season tickets to the Leafs should head down to Yonge-Dundas Square and take in the game at the live outdoor broadcast. I'm not sure if hockey players are still dangling from billboards as I write this, but that might be worth the trip too.

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