Raking Leafs

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Game Day Preview

Joe Sakic had two goals including the winner with just under a minute to go in overtime as the Leafs started the road trip on the wrong foot.
Avs 4 Leafs 3 F/OT

Well, I don't know if Quinn was able to plug the holes in time for tonight's game, but at least he tore a strip of paint off the team's country club attitude. Though I'm not sure it matters. The Avs are the hottest team in the league, going 8-2-0 in their last 10 games. This might be a "score first = win" type of game, because if the Leafs fall behind, I'm not confident they'll be able to catch up.

Ferguson receives some sage advice from Al Strachan this morning
Or does he cash in some of the young talent that is personified in the likes of Kyle Wellwood, John Pohl, Alex Ponikarovsky, Alexander Steen and Matt Stajan
JFJ, if you sacrifice any more youth just to get to the playoffs this year, you'll be getting a pink slip from my office.


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