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Who the hell was that? I have seen every Leaf game this year, save two games before getting DVR back in November, and the team hasn't played with that level of intensity since the opening week versus Ottawa. I couldn't believe how energetic and competitive and just plain better the team looked last night. Maybe the Leafs are like a college student who shines after leaving that make-or-break term paper to the last minute. Or maybe last night was the spark from three cans of Red Bull, and by Friday the buzz will have worn off and our college buddy fails the term. Whatever the case might be, last night was an exciting game.

Kaberle was at his best. Sundin got in the groove. Wellwood actually slapped a puck, rather than his usual finesse shooting technique. Tucker continued his 'best forward on the team' performance. The entire team was hitting, skating hard, beating the Habs to loose pucks, and generally dominating the play for the majority of the game. This lead to the penalty parade which the Leafs capitalized on.

Ondrus was called up and fulfilled his expected role very adequately. I'd like to seem him get more chances to stay up.

Ferguson was satisfactory during the intermission last night. He has a plan, a plan that I think I would agree with if only he would articulate it. He won't be making the same Leetch/Francis-for-way-too-much mistake again. He will make a deal, if "a deal" is there to be made; moving bodies just to move bodies isn't improving the team.

Tucker for prospects should not happen. Tucker finally has earned the respect of the rest of the league this year with his offensive production and leadership. He deserves to stay if he wants to. Besides, the team needs him.

Ferguson also seemed to indicate that McCabe will be a Leaf in 06-07. In an ideal world Bryan will realize he isn't Gonchar, who lead the League's point production from the blue line since 99-00 (if I remember correctly) before getting $5m/yr from the Penguins. He should be happy with a four year deal at $4.25m. Very happy.

There was an online poll during the game last night that had about 50% of the voters wanting Belfour traded away. Now, I think his contract is cumbersome for next year, but maybe with the team playing like it did last night he can play like the Eddie of old for the remainder of this year. He thrives off the team's energy, and I can envision him getting his mojo back. Without a doubt it is a gamble when trading him would bring in viable assets, but if I were to gamble on any Leaf, Eddie would be my choice.

Leaf Lines

Leaf Pairs

Best question asked by the broadcast team(who seemed giddy last night): Why do we have goal judges in the NHL?


  • At 3:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yes Luke Richardson was doing his best to kill the Leafs !!

    How many times can one guy be out of position and cost you !

    Thank god everyone else came to play !


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