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Half Assed

Until I see a Leafs game where they play the heralded 'up tempo' style from the outset to the final buzzer, I won't be writing full game reports.

When it takes Sundin smashing his composite stick on the cross bar in frustration after almost thirty minutes of hockey to get the team going, I'll be putting in half an effort as well.

If the Leafs don't realize their only fighting chance is to take the game to the other team, I'll be lallygagging on my own end too.

When the team realizes their job is to win hockey games, which entails winning three consecutive periods of hockey through effort, intensity, execution, intimidation, responsibility, and not being assured more powerplays than the opposition, I'll think about doing whatever it is I did that attracted readers to come here.

Case and point; Bates Battaglia skated on the first line simply because no one else was working hard enough.

The first period last night was a fucking disgrace.


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