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Memo to Personnel - Lame 'motivational poster' slogans

-Skate. Hard. Or get off the ice.
-Own your end of the ice.
-Know where the opposition is at all times.
-Mental mistakes will not be tolerated.
-Take pride in your defense.
-Shoot first, ask questions later.
-Win the first three 50/50 puck battles of each period. I don't care how, just do it.
-6-8 hits delivered per period, preferably in the first and last five minutes of each period. No exceptions, irregardlessibly of the score. (edit: I want a hit every shift until the act of hitting becomes a habit. If ANY player passes up the opportunity to lay the body on the forecheck, they miss a shift.)

I wrote these on Wednesday, but they definitely still apply.

P.S. - WTF is going on with OnTheWings? Nevermind.


  • At 9:33 PM, Blogger JP McGovern said…

    Know where the opposition is at all times

    Along the same lines, you can add, "Simply standing in front of your net is not 'playing defesne'".


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