Raking Leafs

Mixing metaphors and casting cliches about hockey and the Maple Leafs for the ether's pleasure since MCMLXVII.


Pohl leading the team...

...in PIM +/-. Closely followed by Wellwood and Steen.

The Mad Hockey Blogger is also in on the act with the three-component HockeyIQ.

Earl 'Red Label' Sleek has a round up other stats, like shooting areas(on ice) and shot location(on net), and even the uber ambitious shift/situation/result analysis.

And on a purely leafs slant, here is a profile of Leafs' fans. If you feel so inclined, take the survey.

The NHL stat revolution will be blogcasted!

UPDATE - Check out this spofi thread on hockey-recap.com's creator profile by Wyshynski, that captures a few more links on the subject.


  • At 2:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It's nice to see the development of statistical analysis in hockey.


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