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NHL Pacing 10.31.07

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Since the NHL schedule-makers have seen fit to have different teams with more games-played than others over the course of the season, I came up with a pacing spreadsheet to keep track of it all. The spreadsheet's value will be more apparent as the playoff races heat up, but it never hurts to take an early look at the state of the league.

The "Playoff Matchups" and "Bottom Three" are included for fun. The basic function of the chart is to compare each team's points-earned per game-played so far and then extend that out over the course of the season (x82). It's far from perfect, but then again so are the current standings which show the Leafs in front of Boston despite the Bruins three games in hand.



  • At 11:49 AM, Blogger ninja said…

    Boston just can't avoid Montreal, can it?


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