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Avery pwns Roberts, Pens

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It’s gonna have to be a quick recap today, straight from the notes.

It was a good first period for the Rangers with the only significant error being a long shift (and an inability to clear the puck on it) that led to the Penguins goal. On the positive side of the ledger, Sean Avery drawing a penalty on Gary Roberts is amazing. Although he says it’s easier to draw calls against the veterans, it’s still difficult to believe a long-timer like Roberts allowed himself to be goaded.

In the second, Avery found another way to get mentioned in the Game Report, this time with a rifled a one-timer into the upper-right hand corner. Credit for this goal should go to Blair Betts who won a clean draw that set up the whole thing. He gets the assist, Avery got 1st Star.

Also in the second, we got the first Staal vs. Staal direct match-up. The Good Staal won. He pinned his brother against the boards, stripped him of the puck, and made a nice break-out pass to move the action up ice. I think he’s a keeper.

Speaking of keepers --- I’ve said here a few times that, "The goals will come" for Brandon Dubinsky and in the third period, it finally happened. Dubi came charging off the bench and into the zone, his presence creating a 3-on-2 attack. His good buddy, Nigel Dawes found him with a nifty pass and Brandon potted it with a well-crafted short-side back-hander. It may have taken a while, but all things considered Dubinsky should be pleased with his first NHL goal. I’m sure he’d have taken a lucky re-direct or an empty-netter, but this one was better and worth the wait.

Later, he knocked a post on another pretty shot. It was close to being his second NHL goal. Bummer. But as we like to say, "The goals (more of them) will come."

Other Notes

- The plan is obvious: Shoot on Marc-Andre Fleury. He’s awful at rebound control. Stinky bad.

- Referees Mike Leggo & Chris Rooney gave a sporadic effort tonight. Not terrible, but a little inconsistent (much of that in favor of the Rangers).

- Here’s a list of each team’s most underrated player compiled by Yahoo’s Ross McKeon. I like the choice for the Rangers and agree wholeheartedly.

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