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Google is Good

Now you can download full-length NHL games and watch them on your time. Whether it's a memorable game or a keepsake of your first in-arena experience, NHL Video is always available on Google.


The League finally got something really right. A link will be in the sidebar shortly. Too bad John Collins can't take credit. Or can he? Nah.


UPDATE - Hold your horses. Apparently this service won't remain one of the great "Free" Google apps for long. $2.99 per download seems reasonable to delve into hockey's past, but current season games should be free. Unless of course the NHL is happy with the size of its current fanbase. In sum, still cool, just not hella cool as originally thought.

UPDATE - You can hack it, but it won't be free.

UPDATE - TVU player. google it.


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  • At 10:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Does this mean can download Game 6 WCF and yell at Kerry Fraser over and over and over again?

    Damn him.


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