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I'll take it

If ever there was a moral victory in the world of professional sports, I consider last night's game a nominee at the very least. Despite the final tally, the Maple Leafs were not easy to play against, which is a trademark of the past and needs to be in the upcoming weeks. The team also put to rest some of my major concerns that they had folded their collective will to play hard.

Checks were finished, sometimes a little too enthusiastically. Last night was a perfect example of how this overlooked part of the game translates to other aspects; the break out was clean and less hap-hazard because not all three opposing forwards were skating around unhindered by body-contact. The rush was more effective because opposing forwards would be caught behind the play after a good hit. The physicality also disrupts intangibles like confidence, focus, and other qualities that contribute to the Senators executing pretty plays.

Stupid penalties were minimal, and not from the usual cast of characters. This time it was Sundin and Antropov. But I'll forgive these transgressions. Sundin was trying to fire up his squad, and Antro was protecting Belfour; something the Leafs have been far too lackadaisical about in the past month or so.

I sure hope Carlo isn't too busted up. We need his enthusiasm. Domi had an energetic game, which was a nice change. Wellwood should be playing more on the right side. Stajan deserves more quality ice-time. I'm really liking Wilm's game. Kilger was throwing his weight around last night. Sundin was checking peeps, finally. Berg looked really comfortable last night. Kaberle kind of dogged it on the back check on Smolinski's goal. Allison's edge is vital to this team at the moment. Poni's one-timer from Sundin at the half-boards looked impressive. O'Neill needs to put forth more effort, or get in better shape, or something.

Leaf Lines

Leaf Pairs

McCabe is on the mend.

Scotiabank Place apparently cues up the theme from 'AirWolf'. That is rad.

Oh yeah, no more PS2 predictions will be posted on this here web log.


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    Recent praise for Raking Leafs

    "An absolute must read for all hockey fans especially those who bleed blue and white." - Pat Quinn, Coach.

    "I read a lot of Swedish literature to make sure I don't lose my Swedish language. I also read a lot of Raking Leafs to make sure I don't lose my freakin mind with the Toronto press." - Mats Sundin, Captain.

    "All things appear and disappear because of the concurrence of causes and conditions. Nothing ever exists entirely alone; everything is in relation to everything else. And the Ninja is the voice I turn to for all things MapleLeaf." - Buddha, Enlightened Being.

    "Ninja good. Me like Ninja." - Tie Domi, Goon.

    "I don't even have to watch Leafs games anymore, I just check out Rakin' Leafs." - Dan Marouelli, President of The AFBP.


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