Raking Leafs

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A point, a point. The Leafs got a point!

Losers in overtime to the Habs, the Leafs were in control for most of the game only to unravel at crunch time.

Tellqvist got the start and played well, taking a 2-1 lead into the third, where a deflection off a defender and then a miscue on a dump-in undid his good work. Tucker had an instant impact from his office on the powerplay; near the right post. Khavanov was jumping into the play and scored in his second straight game, this time at even strength. Harrison and Kronvall looked like they were from another planet, given how alien a solid defensive pair has been to this team apart from McCabe and Kaberle. When McCabe and Berg get back, I'd be comfortable with any of the three pairings; McCabe-Kaberle, Berg-Khavanov, Harrison-Kronvall.

Klee's slow feet were again a drag on the team's performance, despite his game tying goal. O'Neill is just horrid. I'm beginning to think he has some major off-ice habits that are hurting his play. Of course I'm speculating, but given how hard he has taken the loss of his brother, too much drink is well within the realm of probability. I feel for the guy, but not at the expense of the team.

I've only just found Dougie Gilmour's columns in the Sun, but his latest is again a refreshing perspective on the value and situation of captain Mats. But I have to say Sundin didn't look as energetic last night as he did against Buffalo.

Leaf Lines

Leaf Pairs

This week the Leafs have four games, three on the road through the Southeast and then back home to host the Devils. Roberts is on the IR, so he isn't around to sting the Leafs. The 'Ning are finding their game, especially Grahame with three shut-outs in his last five games. The Caps are one-dimensional, so hopefully the Leafs can shut down AO. And the Devils can't seem to score at the moment, so with any luck they'll still be ice cold, like alot of fans this year, when they come to the ACC.


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