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Socratic Quinn

I really dug this story about Quinn from the 2002 Olympics (what's that they say about good news traveling fast?)
"He's this big, burly, kind of husky guy, kind of intimidating," Anderson says. "I just sat there and we just started chatting. He was a great guy. I just picked at his brain a little bit. I'm Mr. Zero on hockey. I didn't even know his name. I saw his face before, so I knew he was the coach.

"I asked him questions about his career. I never asked about the athletes he coached, just mostly places he lived and things he saw that he appreciated. He sat there enjoying that cigar. We had good chats. He'd ask me stuff. Pat Quinn was cool."
From a league perspective, Al Strachan hinted at a dream of mine.
...if someone other than Gary Bettman were National Hockey League commissioner
Enough with the warm and fuzzies. Tonight the Sabres are in town. It should be an interesting game, as both teams are in flux. Toronto's woes are many; injuries, inconsistent effort, and a media frenzy questioning even the equipment manager. And yet despite losing to the Senators on Monday, I think the team is trending in the right direction. It remains to be seen whether they can carry over the positives.

As for Buffalo, they came away with a win over the Oilers and lost to both the Canucks and Flames on their recent western swing, just like a certain team I tend to watch. Captain Chris Drury had to call out his team's lack of effort after the Vancouver loss. They responded with another loss to the Flames, but came up with a solid showing against the Rangers on Tuesday in which they out-played the Rangers in all facets of the game. The Sabres also lost the services of team co-point leader Tim Connolly for several weeks thanks to Darius 'I've still got it' Kasparaitis. Already missing Briere and Mair, the Sabres are a little thin down the middle.

UPDATE: Here is another fantastic article on Paul Kariya.
"The next thing I know, he's asking me if I still like to get the puck at the edge of the faceoff circles for one-timers and at the left edge of the goal crease. I'm thinking, 'Wow! What's with this guy?'..."
"The master sees four or five plays ahead and the beginners just see one move."
"He shouldn't have gotten up from that hit," Devils goalie Marty Brodeur said later. "That goes to show you what kind of warrior he is."
It's almost like thinking to yourself: You don't really realize how nice it is to drive a BMW until you get back into a Toyota


  • At 3:33 PM, Blogger JP McGovern said…

    For what it's worth, Kasper's hit was not only clean, but necessary. Connelly was FLYING down the wing on the power-play, got by two other Rangers and had he got by Darius would have gotten goal-side. Darius went low, but waist low, not knee low. It was an awesome hipcheck. Connelly only saw him at the last minute (skating with the head down is not a good idea) and it was his futile leap to get out that cause the damage.

    I don't knock Drury for sticking up for his teammate, but I wanted to address any notion that Kasper's hit was dirty. He deserves his rep, but that one was clean.

    PS - I dig that Quinn story.

  • At 5:04 PM, Blogger ninja said…

    I didn't see the hit, but judging from hockeybird's rant, I'm guessing Ruff is just bitter about losing one of his better players.


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