Raking Leafs

Mixing metaphors and casting cliches about hockey and the Maple Leafs for the ether's pleasure since MCMLXVII.


Bottom Line

MLSE's super season includes a CNE soccer stadium pried out of taxpayers, an Oshawa arena pried out of taxpayers, control of Union Station taken over by a casino-seeking team that includes Larry Tanenbaum, and a near-sellout of the new condominium project beside the ACC. Plus, the gradual switch of Leafs hockey over to pay-per-view, on their own channel, has gone seamlessly. And those are only some of the corporate highlights; the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan no doubt is greatly pleased.
Trade deadlines come and trade deadlines go and fans may vent at their team's lack of direction or intent, but none of it really matters to MLSE. The mighty money-making machine will roll on uninterrupted.


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