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Boy Oh Boyes

TOR vs BOS (04/06/07)

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Notes - Not what I would call an urgent start to a game. The team seemed to be playing for the tie, again; an attitude that had been absent for a couple of weeks now. Nice patience by Poni on the first Leaf goal, roofing it play-off (sniff, sniff) style. Tucker looked panicked after Kilger's errant stick caught him in the face. When it happened, I honestly thought "detached retina". Scary stuff. Aubin stoned Murray on a short-handed rush and Bergeron (who is scary good at times and set-up said short-handed opportunity) on a break. J.S. also made several point-blank saves and kept the game close. Luke made a brilliant belly-flop swat at the puck as the Bruins gained the zone. He can't really be a top-4 defender, can he? White, AGAIN, made a beautiful spin-o-rama just inside the blue line to keep the flow of an odd-man rush going. Kaberle switched on the after-burners late in the game, making something happen when his forwards weren't getting it done. And by 'it', I mean gaining the zone. Sundin tied it with thirteen seconds remaining and Aubin on the bench. And then Boyes (sniff, sniff) sealed the deal in the shoot-out.


  • At 8:50 PM, Blogger Alan Linquist said…

    I would like to point out that this is only the 2nd time in like 13 tries that the Bruins have won in a shootout. Thomas is a great goalie, but man, has he sucked in the shootout this year.

    It's nice to see you give Bergeron some recognition. The kid's pretty good, huh?

    Sadly, this was a game that really didn't matter for either team. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure why the Bruins aren't playing Raycroft in goal at this point. If he wins it ups his trade value, and if he loses, Boston just gets closer to having a better draft pick.

    I guess since Thomas won the 7th Player award last night, they kind of had to play him, but still. Incidentally, the winner of the Seventh Player award gets a new Jeep Commander out of the deal. Thomas has been driving a 2001 SUV since he moved to Boston from Finland.

    An alternate title to your post would have been "Brad Boyes, Brad Boyes, what you gonna do..."

  • At 2:08 PM, Blogger ninja said…

    I can't believe the Bruins #1 center isn't even 21 years old. And not to diss on Joe, but what I really like is that Bergeron wasn't touted as a savior, but rather performed above expectations his rookie season and has carried that success forward. "Bergeron Bodes Well for B's" could've been a title too, if this was a Bruins blog.


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