Raking Leafs

Mixing metaphors and casting cliches about hockey and the Maple Leafs for the ether's pleasure since MCMLXVII.


'The Way'....it is

When the combined weight of expectation, hope, mania, frustration, wealth and incompetence settle down on your shoulders with each passing year and the sun still manages to come up, one is given the gift of ultimate perspective. (And while that's great and everything, I'd prefer a Cup while I can still party and have a functioning prostate.)

Weedy McSmokey, aka an old buddy who finally came to visit.

I'll be back later with game notes. I've been in Vegas pacing up and down a hall way in the new State Court House, witness for big business vs. the little guy (who happens to be very good at defrauding insurance companies). It is funny how things turn out. Or is it more depressing? I'm still working that out for myself.


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