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pseudo-carnival, in vogue

A2Y has a great trade deadline round-up, which ostensibly is the next installment of the Hockey Carnival. I posted a Notice a few weeks ago to submit entries for Hockey Carnival 20, but I didn't get any. Not one...Woe is me. As it happens, I have to withdraw my name from the hat for the next little while; my job will be demanding more of my time than usual in the coming weeks. Don't cry all at once. You'll short-circuit the intranets.

Tom put up a interesting dissection of trade deadline trends in the new-NHL, and trends in the new-NHL in general. It is a good think piece. What I am wondering about is the new division-heavy schedule and how it will play into standings movement. I'm not sure if it will have any effect at all, but it is a factor to keep your eye on in the coming weeks.

I'll have more on the past weekend games and the upcoming game week later on.


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