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Weekend Games Recap

TOR vs. NYI 03/10/06

Leaf Lines

I didn't get the pairings

Notes - Domi sat due to lack of effectiveness. Ondrus showing alot of jump, which is exactly what this team needs. Belak has been pinching at the right times, injecting his physicality without sacrificing team defense. So far, so good. Richardson takes over the #22, and immediately the sweater looks better. I was a little harsh on the trade, but Richardson is definitely servicable. Belfour with a great game. In honesty, I didn't pay too much attention to the game, as I had it recording and decided to rewatch it if it was worth it. You can guess what happened. All I can say is it is a good thing DiPietro won POW honors.

TOR vs. TAM 03/11/06

Leaf Lines

Leaf Pairs

Notes - O'Neill sat due to lack of effectiveness. Luke supplying the sandpaper. Got beat behind the net once, but other than that, a marked improvement over Klee. Belak with another mistake-free game. Delivers hits when pinching and has back-up. Wade even went after Dingman following the hit that hurt Khavanov's shoulder. Tellqvist Solid. Buy-Out-Belfour! Stajan with a monster game. Made amends for passing on a 2-on-1 in the first with a shorty near the end of the second on another 2-on-1. Allison looked possessed in the third after scoring the gimme goal off the misplay in the corner by Boyle (?) He played as if under the influence of a shooter's brain, as he repeatedly looked for his shot; a trait I have seen out of him for maybe 6 periods all season.


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