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Logic may return to NHL standings

Finally. I've been saying this since ties became no longer sufficient to satisfy us fans. And during the owner lock-out last year the solution became very clear as I spent my time watching the English Premier League.

When teams tie, they each get a point, which punishes both teams for not winning outright and gaining the 3 points for their own team, while denying points to the opposition.

Now, Strachan has been wrong before, but after this season demonstrating how many extra points are being awarded for the same number of games, the need for change is undeniable.

Traditionalists will be upset. The magic number of points to get to the playoffs will be all wonky. The Presidents Trophy maybe won with 180 points. But all of these traditional constructs are arbitrary. For me, the game itself is more important than numbers associated with expected outcomes. I'd rather see a team that wins in regulation way ahead of a pack of teams that need OT or now the shoot-out to get the job done. I'm even in favor of 3pts for a regulation win if the NHL went back to accepting regular season ties.

And just imagine the how active the standings will be. The onus to win will be even more immediate in the final months of the season. It's a win-win in my mind. Come on, NHL. I dare you to agree with me.

Anyways, this is my vote for the standings point system to be re-evaluated and redistributed logically.


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