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Mats, J-Dub and an Asshat

Sundin on enforcing his no-trade clause;

"I have a tough time seeing myself doing, for example, what Ray Bourque did...I don't think that's me. I wouldn't go at the end of the season or before the deadline to a contender just to try to win a championship. I do think there's something behind you starting training camp and becoming teammates over a long season. I have a tough time seeing me asking to go to a contender at the deadline just because your team is not where you want it to be."

Future Leafs trivia - Q: Which Toronto Maple Leafs rookie played his first NHL game on the last day of the 2005-06 regular season, and scored a goal on his first shot? A: Jeremy Williams.

And on a non-Leafs note, the NHL's decision to get involved in Sean Avery's broadcasting career seems like a mistake to me. Why protect this guy from himself? Either he further alienates himself from the League and its fans, or his "analysis" is unremarkable and he has to return to the ice next season and be reined in by some coach, or he is a hit that generates press for the NHL where the NHL needs press; south of the 49th. By stepping in, the NHL is giving Avery the attention he wants and gives the impression the league actually fears what he might say. Bad move, Gary. Especially at a time of year when casual fans are made. Sure, Avery could turn off a few fans and shutting him down before he gets started will minimize his reach, but the old adage holds true (that's why it is an adage); there is no such thing as bad press. (one minor exception - Bertuzzi)


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