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TNT (Tomas, Nik, & Tie) and some other stuff you might have heard about

First of all, don't mess with Tomas. Reports of him being "furious" after hearing the Pronger rumors are justified. Tomas could've waited to sign for more loot. He took less because he wants to stay with the team, and that gesture should be reciprocated. Besides, I'd rather have someone reaching their prime than having someone with their prime in the rearview. The whole idea of giving up Kaberle and one of either Steen or Stajan or Wellwood is just bad team management.(UPDATE - go check out Pension Plan Puppets for a look at the numbers-side of this argument) Pronger is an awesome player, but his addition with the subtraction of Kaberle and a forward actually makes the team worse. This team needs forwards, and giving up young, cheap, serviceable and productive forwards for an albeit HOFer is still a step in the wrong direction. The Leafs should pull their offer off the table, in my opinion. Just go get Elias and McKee.

Next, Nik Antropov has always been an injury risk, and the new CBA gives teams a way out and players less job security. Apparently, the number of games played is held in account when tendering offers to RFAs. As Nik has played less than the requisite 60 games in the last season, the Leafs are allowed to offer a two-way deal. Tough break for Nik. He presumably will take the team to arbitration to fight the slap in face $95,000 possible salary in the AHL. But perhaps he shouldn't consider it a slap in the face, and more of a wake up call.

In the same story, and still not officially confirmed, apparently the decision has been made to...wait for it...cut ties with Tie Domi. We'll see what happens.

Sorry about the lack of updates this past eventful weekend. Camping tends to put a damper on internet activity. I don't remember who called it, but somebody pegged the Tlusty (easy to spell - just remember T-lusty) pick months ago. Nice work. And Ovechkin and Malkin's linemate in the second round. Atleast you know he knows to how play away from the puck.

And Raycroft for Rask. I initially didn't like giving up Rask. I wanted to see Pogge and Rask develop into Hasek and Roy. But that dream was never going to happen. I'll take a few years of development, a Calder trophy, and as puckupdate says an "Ontario native with something to prove". I consider it to be a good "buy low" move. It could turn out to be a steal, it could turn out even, or it could cost the franchise dearly (especially if Pogge doesn't pan out). It is a gamble, but it definitely isn't a bad bet, and drawing conclusions now is way premature.


  • At 12:21 PM, Blogger Alan Linquist said…

    I agree about not judging this move yet. I always liked Raycroft, and I'm glad he's being given a chance to start over after sucking so very badly last year.

    Kind of a nit-pick, but from TOR point of view, this is not a "buy low" move. Buying low would be if they brought in Raycroft (whose market value is at an all-time low) for a bag of pucks. As it is, they paid pretty dearly for him. Rask is very, very good. Most other teams were only offering a late 1st round pick for Raycroft.

  • At 1:51 PM, Blogger ninja said…


    You're right, its not as low as it could be. But it didn't cost a roster player, which is what I consider to be too high a price to pay, especially this off-season. From a Bruins perspective, I like the deal too;clears up the traffic jam of the present and great potential down the road.

    And if could, being a die-hard Bruins fan, what is your take on what happened to Raycroft last season, and what attributes impressed you about him during the 03-04 season?

  • At 10:57 AM, Blogger Alan Linquist said…

    Last year's Raycroft is tough to figure. He's certainly not as bad as his numbers would suggest. .371GAA and .879SV%? Yikes. He's better than that.

    There are about a million reasons he might have been bad last year: It was just a Sophmore Slump; He only played ten games or so in Finland during the lockout, so he was out of shape; He held out until the start of training camp last year, so he wan't able to get into game form; He injured his hamstring early in the season last year, and never really recovered. I imagine it was a combination of a few of these things.

    As for what was good about Raycroft in 03-04? His glove hand is (or was, at least) very fast. He was pretty good at playing the angles. Not a flashy guy, but solid.

    I hope he does well (but not too well) in Toronto.

  • At 12:02 PM, Blogger laura said…

    Please don't trade Tomas!


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