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Peachtree Dream Ends

TOR vs ATL Nov.30/06

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Can the phrase "anything can happen" be banned from all interviews of league and team employees? I feel a strange familiarity to that phrase's affect; like the Bush&Co. propoganda machine is trying to contort my grip on reality. Repeat bullshit enough, and bullshit achieves a degree of legitimacy. But rather than fear, they hock hope. And its an easy sell with the increased parity of the new-NHL (that phrase can stay, cause it ain't the same old NHL). But "anything" can't happen to every team each season. So can it, at least until after the trade deadline.

Ok, now that I've got that off my chest, onto the game. The streak over Atlanta had to end sometime, and boy did it come screeching to a hault last night, ushering me to continue with my surly comments. But first some praise for Atlanta, who were ubnbelievably good at gaining position along the boards, shutting off the direction the forwards wanted to cycle. It was uncanny. Like clockwork. Somebody has been doing a little scouting, and it paid off handsomely. And what can you say about Hossa. About the only thing he didn't do last night was score on his first breakaway, of which there were way too many. Hey Mo, you think teams exploit the fact that the D is activated most of the game? (I guess I couldn't hold off the criticism for long)

Here are some bullets that hopefully the team can use a motivational ammo:
-How disinterested did Raycroft look in the third? Geez. Aubin needs to get more starts if that is the level of compete we are going to see.
-Kubina best pick it up right quick. Son is looking shaky. On Hossa's first, he was nowhere on the PK, afraid to move from his perch beside the crease despite the fact he was covering nothing except a patch of ice with his shadow.
-Enough with the passes from behind the net into the slot. No one is ever there to recieve them. If they are, they aren't in good position (usually waaaay early), and if they manage that, their sticks are up in the air. Sticks on the ice boys!
-Fucking hit some folks! Holy crap?! Is this a Leafs team? I don't care if you are on the first powerplay unit, hit someone when given the chance. Passing up the opportunity to take the body 80% of time does not make this team harder to play against. And it gives teams the better ice because they know we don't own it.
-It was nice to see Steen with Sundin a man up. He also showed good instinct early in the first, as he curled out of the corner and when nobody picked him up he looked for a shot and got it off. Keep it up, Steen.
-Kaberle split his ES time between McCabe and Kubina. Keep an eye on this. McCabe might be losing his feeder.

That's all I've got for today. I'm going to go an enjoy my Friday night.

UPDATE - Steve Milton of the Hamilton Spectator provides a 10-point list to get things going again.


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