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Sabres Shut Out

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I've been hoping for a shut out in the deepest recesses of my mind, as a sign or symbol or semblance of defensive commitment. The last time the Leafs managed to donut the opposition was March 6, 2007, against the Washington Capitals. You have to go back to October 5, 2006 for the next shut out. This one was a sweet aberration against the Senators.

Before the season started, smart money was behind Toskala for achieving this rarity in Leafland. But it was Raycroft with a heroic effort in the first who managed to obviously frustrate a Sabres' squad who was not used to getting shut out last season. But this isn't the 06-07 President's Trophy winning Sabres. Oh no. This is the Brury-less Sabres who can't outskate the rest of the NHL as in previous years. The reasons for that are many and debatable, but the results are not. Last in the Northeast?! Not a typo, and I can hardly believe it myself.

Don't have much time today, but it had to be said how solid of a line-up the Leafs had last night. Usually the fourth line is a noticeable drop-off in talent, speed, etc. Not so last night. While not entirely coordinated on the attack, the Leafs looked strong. Formidable even. Of course the 100% 60minute effort helped with that perception but the lines didn't hurt either.

Oh yeah, and my boy Boyd was rewarded for his recent hard play with a quick shift to get a late goal. Tlusty had a strong game as well. He's coming along nicely.

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