Raking Leafs

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Florida shocked as would-be prey sleys Panthers. Veterinary Dentist called to examine victim's canines.

Despite outstanding efforts to throw away the lead, going down 3-on-5 three separate times, the Leafs managed to win 4-2 over the offensively anemic Panthers.

Kilger had a nice hard-working rebound goal to open the scoring, made possible by the timely involvement of Harrison keeping the play alive at the blue line with a low hard shot. I'm with the broadcast team in asking why it took so long for Harrison to get called up, and maybe the reason for the delay is due to Maurice teaching him quite a bit this season. I like the sound of intense practices.

Wellwood showed some brilliance on a right wing rush, and was set up beautifully in the slot for a powerplay score. However Wellwood needs to look for his shot more often. Tucker sent another memo from his office. "I shoot the puck from there every day in the pre-game skate...". O'Neill caught a break on his goal, as his pass was expertly deflected by Bouwmeester's right skate past Roberto. I'm not sure I believe the scoresheet and his five shots on goal. I think I saw maybe three. But I have to say Jeff made an excellent back check in the first near his own goal line. I hope he continues to be that determined with his defense, because his offensive forays are uninspired.

Khavanov went out early with a foot injury. Kaberle made a gorgeous pass that broke Sundin on a breakaway, but Luongo was up to the challenge. Harrison and Kronvall - the transplant. Don't fix what ain't broke. As for Klee, I want to know what he was kicking at on the first goal. He also got beat on Nieuwendyk's goal. Please keep this guy off the ice as much as possible. I think he got double-shifted at one point and looked like he was going to puke.

Eddie was great, making the saves he needed to make, and could've had a chance at the shut out if it weren't for Klee's kick save attempt.

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  • At 10:31 AM, Blogger laura said…

    Darcy Tucker is the man.

    Klee needs to be traded.


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