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Memos to Personnel

Re: Leafs 4 - Devils 2

Tomas Kaberle - That goal was awesome! The D actually bit on your shot fake. Which means it was one of your better fakes, and the D believes you will shoot the puck. You want to know why? In January you recorded the most SOG in a month (34) for your entire career. The actual shot was pretty good, and you beat Brodeur no less. Nice work. Keep it up.

Alexei Ponikarovsky - You are one of the few Leafs that looks prepared for the new NHL. Keep up the great work. You also posted the most shots in a month, 31, in your career. Career high point total, here you come. All I'd like out of you now is the odd fighting major, but it isn't a need.

Jason Allison - I thought you got the previous memo about shooting the puck? If you misplaced it, I can re-send it. I know you are capable of more.

Chad Kilger - You are playing like a first-rounder who still has something to prove. Which is good because if you just had your first four game point streak of your career you have plenty to prove. You remain one of JFJr's best pick ups. Keep it up.

Ed Belfour - Can you play like that every night? I'll give you a billion dollars if you do.

Pat Quinn - Thank you for scratching O'Neill. I'm not entirely sure why it took so long, given his obvious shortcomings on almost every shift. I know he had a good backcheck a game or two ago, but in my opinion that doesn't justify ice time.

Also, do you think you could get the team to take the play to the other team as soon as the period starts? I haven't seen three consecutive good period starts in quite a while, and it is getting tiresome. Without these lapses, the Leafs would be a much more formidable opponent and goals against would be down drastically. I'm not sure what the problem is but once the team is actually playing, the defense is pretty good. Why don't they play a full sixty minutes? Could you remind them of this before the first shift? Just a thought.

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