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Leafs fuel Lightning

McCabe and Kaberle reunited! All is well! Well, maybe not. After leading twice in a game that could have been a regulation win, the Leafs fail to score in overtime, though Tucker came mighty close, and predictably lose to Tampa Bay in the shootout. I say predictably because the Leafs don't have any strong penalty shot takers, and the 'Ning are stacked.

Sundin set-up the first Leaf goal with pressure on the forecheck that managed to confuse two defensemen into giving him the puck, which he slid to Tucker who centered a pass from behind the goal line to a fresh-off-the-bench Kilger who rifled a slap shot past Burke's left shoulder. Tucker's goal seemed more like a Kaberle goal, but what do I know. Darcy deflected a point shot on the powerplay.

The two Tampa Bay goals leave a bad taste in my mouth. Richards scoring with less than a second left in the period should not have happened. I've got two words for you Tomas; clock management, or more simply, clock awareness. Craig's goal was equally irritating, as McCabe didn't take care of his man in the slot on one of the few rebounds Eddie allowed.

But if Quinn was pissed at the duo for errors on each of the Lightning's goals, I was pissed because all of a sudden the Leafs were complicating clearing their zone, resulting in sustained pressure from Tampa's top forwards. Because this pressure was felt for most of the night, the Leafs looked only capable of playing for a tie and were not interested in taking the lead again. In the third period there was only one team trying to win. The Leafs had no answer for Tampa's sustained pressure because they were feeding the beast.

Eddie was the only reason this game was close, stopping 36 of 38 shots in regulation. He stopped a dangerous looking Lecavalier numerous times from in close and on the rush. Belfour snubbed St.Louis' best chance; an effort to bank in the puck from behind the goal line. Kubina and Richards were also blasting away, but he was up to the task.

Leaf Lines

Leaf Pairs

From the good news department, Ovechkin's groin has an owwie, so hopefully he won't be lacing 'em up on Friday.


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