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Pohl signs one-way deal, JFJ a step ahead?

Johnny on-the-spot Pohl signed a two-year contract for close to the league minimum. I'm really happy Pohl is getting his shot this year. I was really impressed with his focus and finish around the net during his seven appearances last year.

And JFJ is making news today, and not for the typical 'bash the young GM' reasons. Apparently bean-counting isn't Ferguson's only talent. The Leafs' GM stars and sings....just kidding...has put together an "informational tool" to help "sell players and their representatives on the qualities of living and playing in Toronto."
"Good for them," agent Pat Morris of Newport Sports said yesterday. "They are the only (team) to do it."
Sounds like a simple, logical, brilliant, step-ahead idea in this new age of liberalized player movement due to the new CBA and established player's off-ice lives taking precedence over hockey. So, even if its socially unacceptable to give JFJ some credit, you might want to alteast do so in the privacy of your own head.

Also, here is the complete free agency rules and regs from the new CBA. [via]

And could Gary Roberts be the solution to the Domi issue? Could we re-sign Tie and trade him to Florida for Gary, straight up? I'd do that in a heart beat, even if we get 40 games out of Gary. Update: But would Keenan? Probably not. And JFJ should not give Keenan anyone else or a pick higher than a fourth rounder. Sorry, I got caught up in the moment there.


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