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Eanie Meany Miney, NO!

Since today's Leafs news is dominated by speculation regarding Lindros (give him $1m and be done with it) and Allison (to play devil's advocate, when he finally got back in shape at the end of the season, he was much more effective at ES. And it is hard to argue with a pt per gm. Still I'd prefer to go in a different direction) I figured I'd throw out some stuff I've had on the backburner for a while.

First, what is Maurice going to do about the shoot-out and Five-on-Five? Admittedly the first cost us the post-season, and the second would've made the post season very very short. Shoot-out drills and instruction better be on the itinerary from the first day of camp until April.

Was surfing YouTube, and someone put up some Carlo hits on Bertuzzi, Svatos, Comrie, and Guerin. This would be a great year for Carlo to be a big contributor.

Oh yeah, I noticed a visitor from Belo Horizonte, Brazil translated this here blog. Ginga Leafs! Ginga! (sorry, I don't know any Portuguese). And Hello to Poland, Spain, Uruguay, Singapore and Czech Republic. Also, greetings to the DoJ (it wasn't me) and Globe&Mail (it was me).

Also, there are some recent additions to Leafblogdom that you should check out. I've updated the roll on the right, but Pension Plan Puppets and LeafClub deserve name drops. Definitely check them out.

Possible Leaf Lines

excess: Bates, Belak, Williams, PECA?

Possible Leaf Pairs

excess: Woz/Harrison/Bell/Kronwall

Raycroft, Aubin, Tellqvist

And just because it is Friday....Party on Wayne! (update: after all of the 'Party On, Garth(Snow)' quips following Long Island's Unsound Shuffle, I feel a bit psychic)

p.s. did you find the secret link in this post?


  • At 5:17 PM, Blogger Wardo said…

    Woah - thanks for the plug, man. I appreciate it.


  • At 2:23 PM, Blogger PPP said…

    Thanks for the promotion buddy!


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