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Power Rankings Round Up

TSN - week 1 -19th

CBC - week 1 - 18th

CBS - week 1 - 23rd

SI - week 1 - 23rd

Sonny Moore - week 1 - 28th

HockeyAnalysis - week 1 - not up yet, though a Player Ranking system was mentioned as a new feature.

FOX - week 1 - not up yet.

Yahoo! - week 1 - Romig where are you?

looking up the old Ranking Round Up posts, I found this that made me chuckle:

No matter who you have starting, sit them against the Senators.(1:1) It ain't worth the +/- set back you'll suffer. Or the GAA influx for your goal-tender.(1:2) Whoever on your team, or on the waiver wire, is playing the Blue Jackets, (pick them up and) play them.(1:3) Even your scrub defenseman who has been in a slump.(1:4) And any Redwing who has decent ice time. (1:5) Those lucky bastards get to play that "franchise" eight times this year. After today, you still have 6 more chances.(1:6)

Be not afraid to try your luck on a rookie.(2:1) Half of the league point leaders are rookies.(2:2) And look beyond Crosby, Ovechkin, Vanek and Phaneuf; there are plenty of other youthful contributors.(2:3) Be very afraid of former stars whose career is on the decline and did not play competitive hockey last year.(2:4) Their groins should be afraid as well.(2:5) Especially stupid, over-confident goalies that didn't play last year.(2:6) And over-the-hill player/owners.(2:7)

The game is faster.(3:1) Puck movement has been liberalized.(3:2) Wear facial protection if you want to help your team.(3:3) Unless you're Eric Boulton. Then don't wear any protective equipment whatsoever.(3:4) Scoring is up.(3:5) Players are not afraid of the crease.(3:6) Call the rule book.(3:7)

That's my word.



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