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Loose Lips?

Not exactly, but definitely a loosening of said lips. JFJ, the embattled GM that faces a rabid Toronto hockey media and fanbase seemingly bent on his removal, is turning over a new....huh-huh...leaf. That's right, John Ferguson Jr. published his first post on his brand spanking new blog over at mapleleafs.com. As can be expected, there is nothing earth shattering in content; recap of off-season moves, new system, new coach, chance for young players, etc. Nevertheless, I'll be interested to see how often (UPDATE - JABS notes quite frequently, which is a pleasant surprise), this new outlet is updated, especially if things don't go swimmingly. Or how about the status of Carlo? That would be ideal.

Cheers to JFJ, and the team in general, for opening up to blogdom. I suppose an independent blogger would've been too much to ask for, considering the money involved in the Maple Leafs brand, but perhaps that is a possibility down the road. And what are the odds of a ghost-writer?

His isn't the only new blog, as Joe Bowen and Mike Ulmer are settling into new ml.com digs as well.

UPDATE - 09/20/06 entry "...I thought Bobby Clarke was a terrific captain in Philadelphia and Darryl Sittler and obviously Mats Sundin, were terrific captains here in Toronto."

Were? Come again? Interesting that JFJ groups Sundin in with great captains of the past. I generally ignore the "Sundin doesn't want to be captain" rag filler, but this is different as it comes from within the organization. And when you think about how Mats back-tracked out of his initial response to the "trade to a contender" question earlier at this year's camp, I might have to start worrying about Mats not being a Leaf for life.

Hopefully it is just a misclassification on JFJ's part, and not a slip of the mind. I don't want to start thinking about maxmizing the return for an asset before it depreciates. Mats should stay.


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