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I suck at tag

But I have an excuse. I've been vacaying, fly-fishing the Frying Pan and Crystal Rivers in beautiful and nostalgic-for-Calgary Colorado. Here is the initial tag. (dude, the plural form is wrong on purpose. otherwise I'll have fledgling yard care providers showing up here looking for the simplest of instruction after googling the standard form of the phrase.) A list of wacky things about me would be virtually impossible to whittle down to a mere five. Here it goes(I like long odds apparently):

1.) Born in Montreal. Moved to Calgary during the Flames' first season in the city, and grew up disagreeing with my friends who "hated" Gretzky. Moved to New Jersey the summer before the Flames won the Cup, though I did get mad cred from my upperclassmen when I strolled into school wearing my Mullen #7 jersey the day after (even though I didn't get to watch it; more on this later). Moved to Kingston after the Rangers won the Cup to attend university, where I was finally in control of the television and could watch all the hockey I could handle.

Up until this point I either was too young to watch much hockey, except HNIC's second west coast game, didn't have cable, or only had basic cable which didn't carry hockey, or atleast hockey I had prior association with.

It was this new, unfettered television landscape that fostered my love of the Leafs. In Kingston, you get to watch the Leafs, Habs, and Sens, and living with Leafs fans, and one in particular, pretty much cemented my fate.

Ok, so how is that for whacky? Not so much. And not so much five things, either, eh? But whatever, the 'tag' moment has moved on without me. But moving around alot makes team allegiances confusing and conflicting. I suppose it is more of an answer to how a Leafs fan ends up in New Jersey.

I guess this could considered whacky for a Leafs-blogger: I've never seen a Leafs home game in person.

JFJ, I'm waiting patiently for my press pass, accomodations and plane tickets. For two.

Oh yeah, I don't have access to pre-season games, so don't expect write-ups from me. Thank you Center Ice package.


  • At 8:07 PM, Blogger PPP said…

    Hey, glad to see you are back. That was quite a route to being a Leafs fan.

    The Raycroft news was encouraging.

    What school did you go to in Kingston?

  • At 11:04 AM, Blogger ninja said…

    Indeed it was. And I'm a proud to be an outsider Queen's University grad.

  • At 3:06 PM, Blogger PPP said…

    Hey, I went to Queen's too. I am glad that you did not succumb to the senators or the Habs while you were there.

    I am actually headed up to Homecoming in a couple of weeks.

  • At 3:21 PM, Anonymous Leafs fan in exile (NB) said…

    Ah, Kingston... I went to RMC, so those were four of the best hockey-watching years the Army ever paid for! Unfortunately, my postings afterwards have taken me progressively further away from Leafsland. One of these days I'll get back!


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