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Wanna play?

Being a kid was the greatest. Zero responsibility. Candy. Naps. Candy. Oh yeah, and 'playing' was my favorite activity. Yours too? Well, if you haven't completely misplaced your inner-child, sign on up for the First Ever Raking Leafs Hockey Pool. It is being held at The Common Fan, get this, for free. You'll have to register first, but it is quick and painless.

Here are the The Rules:

-Select a roster made up of 20 NHL players (skaters only)
-Collect 1 point for each goal, assist, short-handed goal, and game-winning goal - most points at the end of the regular season wins.
-There are no trades or roster changes allowed when the season starts.
-Tie-breakers: 1) total goals, 2) total game-winning goals, 3) total shorthanded goals. IN the event of a tie, I'm picking a number between 1 and 1,000,000,000. Whoever is closest wins.

To rip an infomercial line; set it and forget it! Well not 'forget' it, but you get what I'm saying. Tommy Tinkerton need not apply.

UPDATE: I don't have any prize to give out to the winner. I already spend enough of my time on this blog, I'm not going to start spending my money too. However, perhaps a certain NHL team would like to donate a prize. Hopefully by season end, Maple Leafs brass will have read this post and will send something along.

I don't plug much of anything here at RakingLeafs, but I like what TCF is doing with their hockey pools and blog news, so I want to help support them.


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