Raking Leafs

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Is the American NHL saviour in Dallas?

Bonus on previous Bonus League coverage, Mark Cuban is at it again, dissing league naysayers, who regurgitate television rating statistics in ever a negative light, with a tongue-in-cheek comparison of NBC's Saturday NHL broadcast to the robustly healthy television product and favorite fodder of ESPN that is NCAA Men's basketball.

The NHL on NBC beat College Basketball on CBS, 1.1 to .70 Is College Basketball doomed ? Does no one care anymore about college basketball ? Is the NHL on a resurgent climb ? (This just in, NHL was up again to 1.3 on NBC) Is NBC just really good ? Are both great sports in a crowded market ? Stay tuned
Stay tuned, indeed.

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  • At 2:14 PM, Blogger PPP said…

    The NHL could use Cuban as an owner with an eye to moving him to the commissioner's office.


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