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Wellwood ailing "for a while now"

That, according to coach Mo, may explain the performance variances from game to game from young master Wellwood, as he at times looks hungry and had jump while at others he looks passive and predictable.

My apologies, and more appropriately, thanks, to all who keep returning here despite the lack of original content the past few weeks. This time of year for me is like April for a CPA, so I'm just not finding the time to rake Leafs, despite the fact it is my favorite chore. Hopefully after today's year end account closing I'll get a chance to opine on why the Leafs can't handle the trap, on how Kubina and Carlo should get the Leafs to the post-season, and when Steen will get a scoring role.

Check out Tom Benjamin if you want to learn about the Pens' fate.

Say goodbye to Chris Young over at JABS, as he is moving on to bigger and better things despite the fact that he is the biggest and bestest MSM blogger out there.

And go see if you made Santa Rant's list for NHLers and bloggers alike.

Happiest of Holidays to you and yours, especially to those I've lost touch with recently. (sounds like a New Years resolution, if I do say so myself)

Peace out

P.S. - The Blogroll will be reciprocally updated soon. Thanks for the love.


  • At 9:36 AM, Anonymous Matt said…


    Good morning. Please take a second to check out this new site. It has been generating quite a bit of buzz. It is basically calling for the return of good old-fashioned North American hockey that many of us have missed over the past few years. It presents a pretty solid stance on why today’s NHL product is in trouble.

    The end result - or day of reckoning if you will - is January 20th… what is being called the annual "Save the NHL" night. On January 20th, there will be a total of 14 games taking place across the NHL and it presents the best opportunity for fans to show their support for a return to something close to old time hockey, primarily by tweaking the current rules in “the new NHL.”

    The idea is to make our (the NHL fan’s) presence known through fliers and/or signs (all of tasteful nature of course) in the hopes that we get someone’s attention and open their eyes to the demands of the fans. If you share in that interest for intense, passionate, and physical hockey, please check out the site and kindly show whatever support you can. The effort on your part would be minimal but your impact would be overwhelming.

    Thank you and Happy Holidays!



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