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Kubina Key to reaching play-offs

TOR vs MTL Jan.27/07

Line Combos

The Leafs played another stellar game against Montreal, humming along at 3 for 4 on the powerplay while only allowing one goal against through seven short handed situations.

Kubina finally got it going on the powerplay, blasting a screened slapper to the near post. His second came from the exact same spot, directly above the right post just inside the blue line, but he switched it up on Huet and put the puck past him at the far post. Stajan truly deserves a fist assist on this one. His post-up pass from the slot back to Pavel was brilliant.

This is the Pavel JFJ paid for, and should be the difference between making and not making the post-season. With Kubina in form, playing with Tomas at even strength and leading the second pairing a man up, the Leafs can now boast a top-4 that rivals the very best in the league...and the D corps wasn't too shabby to begin with.

Jeff O'Neill got the game winner, but I'm not sure he scored the goal, or if it should've been counted in the first place. Matty Stajan swatted the puck with a downward motion, and contact was made right around the height of the cross bar, completely fooling Cristobal. I'm glad it counted, but if the call had been 'no-goal' on the ice, I don't think there was much video evidence to overturn the nullification.

Mats finally blasted the puck like we all know he can and was rewarded with his first goal since he had two on New Years Day.

But enough about the headliners. Travis Green just barely missed completing a gorgeous odd-man rush as the trailer, which would've been a beauty as his first back in the blue and white. It was great to see Poni back to where he left off; speedy puck pursuit and relentless battling along the boards. Antro needs to get hurt again, so he can come back with the venegance that was missing on Saturday. He is absolutely deadly when he plays with that edge. Kilger picked up the team on more than one occasion with hits that needed to be made. I think he enjoys playing the Habs as well. Wouldn't a first round match up of these two teams be a dream come true? It would be for me. Johhny Pohl wrung a beauty bid off the post, freezing Huet as he came down the slot with speed then moving to his back hand to shoot past the beaten Huet. This kid is a steal. And playing with the speedy Boyd D and Bates B, this rag tag reclamation line is producing way above its pay-grade...and deserves a nick-name. P, B, D. B, B, J. There is something there, but I can't see it at the moment.

It looks like Ian White will be back soon, and Bell should be back in the press box. Not sure what is up with Tucker, but I wish JFJ would put him on the IR already just to help out my struggling fantasy squad.



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