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Yesterday, tonight, tomorrow, and next year

Or for chronology's sake; tonight, next year, yesterday, and tomorrow?

Huge game tonight. A test game for this squad to see if they can hang with the best. A pride game, for all the guff the East takes, however valid, versus the road warrior West. Stevie Sullivan will be going full speed. Be careful if he is on the PK. Our best chance to is pressure their young defensemen. Gill has to man up on Arnott. And Belak needs to win a good fight tonight against Weber or Hordichuk. And stay out of the box. UPDATE - No Weber. His jaw still hurts from when Moen clobbered him.

Sundin, Antro, and Poni should win the match up against Kariya, Erat and Legwand. Sullivan, DuPont and Arnott are worrisome, as the SOS line doesn't match up well against that line's combination of speed, skill and size. I'm interested to see what Maurice comes up with (Sicking Kilger on Arnott is my best guess). Coach Mo didn't sound too sure of himself when asked about tonight's game.

Darren Dreger dropped a bomb yesterday, hinting that a no movement clause is on the table for Darcy 'An injury waiting to happen' Tucker,
As for Darcy Tucker, the hard negotiation is about to hit full stride. Toronto is faced with handing out another multi-year contract, likely to include a “no movement” clause, based on the past deals agreed to by some of Tucker's teammates.
Stop the insanity already. The only way this makes sense for the Leafs, is if Tucker signs for no more than $2.5m/year. JFJ, give him four years, with maybe a team option for the fifth. Give him the $3.25/year. But don't give him the no movement clause. Please! Other GMs are laughing at you behind your back.

Here is the yesterday...so close.

And I find this arrogance regarding the Leafs near future quite amusing at the moment.

Please forgive the heavy visual content of late.

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  • At 2:40 PM, Blogger PPP said…

    Bring back Roberts and McCauley!

    Of all of the Canadian teams' arrogant fans the Habs drive me the most insane. If they hadn't stumbled onto the best goalie in freaking hockey history they wouldn't have won in 86 or 93. Hell, if Fraser wasn't a brain dead referee they wouldn't have won in 93.

    Please no NTC. Why JFJ? Is it because it saves you from having to make big trades? STOP IT!


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