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TOR v CAR 03/27/2007 - Shift Chart - TOI

One down. Six to go.

What a game?! A must win in regulation game. And Cam Ward crumbles like feta. The Boyd goal is an excusable first shot softie. It happens, and his team has to bounce back. Which they did. The Kubina slapper that he knocked in himself is understandable with Bates and Pohl all over the crease waiting for the rebound. Just a bad bounce in a mad scramble. Even the Kilger slapper was not a shot every goalie can stop.

But Kilger's second was just horrendous rebound control of Pohl's shot from the wing. Yanic "Did I say face-off specialist? I meant breakaway specialist" Perrault's nifty hesitation top shelf glove side wrister is tough to blame on Ward.

So I guess it wasn't so much Ward crapping the bed, but moreso the Hurricanes just not playing well all around. Ward should've had Boyd's goal and Kilger's second. Other than that, the Leafs' scoring depth put on a show and all four lines completely shut down the Canes' attack, beginning with disrupting their breakout and shutting off their speed in the neutral zone and all the way back into the Leafs' zone where the Leafs kept the plays to the outside and zone time short. Of note, Hal Gill had a tremendous game, and not only because of his beauty stretch pass.

After last night's game, the team has no less than twelve 10 goal scorers, five of which have a legit chance to make it to 20. Not bad for a team that can't score. And for those complaining about Sundin only having one goal in the month of March, I give you Coach Mo.
Their top two lines were pretty powerful, so we needed (Mats) Sundin's line and (Matt) Stajan's line to play against them. If they cancelled each other out, the next two lines are going to decide the game for you and that's basically what happened," said Maurice. "Without being disrespectful, the bottom half of the lineup wins the game.

The only negative from last night's game is the uncertainty surrounding Wellwood's (lingering?) injury. He started the game with Tucker and Kilger and was on the first powerplay unit, but only skated for 6:16. The reports are saying he was kept out as a precaution, but I'm not convinced because he still attempts to avoid any contact much like he did in December when the injury started to bother him.

Kaberle was again rushing the puck with confidence, gaining the zone with ease, which was nice to see. Hopefully he can score and join the 10 goal club.

On the media tip, I just have one thing to say; Steve Simmons, get the fuck off the Leafs' praise train. You are not welcome.

One down. Six to go. (and Go Sens and Sabres! Beat those Habs and Islanders!)

UPDATE - I'm not sure what happend to T.M.L. 1967's recaps, but hopefully they'll be appearing again soon.

UPDATE - Hattip to forecheck for pointing to "On Speed" by the E, no drug references intended.

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  • At 11:13 AM, Blogger Laura said…

    I would like to thank whoever shook up Steen. He has become a hitting machine. I love it!

  • At 12:01 PM, Blogger PPP said…

    Simmons should have acted sooner before he lost the last seat to Cox. Damn both of them for slamming the team all year and jumping on the bandwagon just in time.

    Great performance by the buds. Steen-Stajan-Devo are another great combo. I think anyone with Steen-Stajan would work out.

    Wellwood is worrisome to say the least. He also seems to be passing up chances to shoot that involve him twisting his body completely from one side to the other.


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