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Round 1 predictions

I posted my predictions on Wednesday around noon, so these aren't after the first game guesses. These are real deal stabs in the dark.

-SnowBeltShivs in 4 - Dubie won't be able to stop this offense.
-Garden State Gnomes of the Underworld in 6 - Home Ice will win this for Lou's legions.
-Sather's Squad in 7 - In a series I think will be one of the closest in the first round, Hank is the difference.
-Ottawa in 5 - They step up and play like the sum of their parts would indicate. I think.

-Flames in 6. Toughness wins this one.
-Anaheim in 7. Minnesota has one line. Anaheim has two.
-Vancouver in 4 - Sorry Turco.
-Sharks prove to be top predator in 6 - San Jose wins it for their long time goalie coach.

Best GAA in Round 1
Goalie East - Hank
Goalie West - Bobby Lu

RESULTS Update - 4 for 4 in the east, picking the duration of the Sens and Devils' series. If not for Ricky D coming back, I think it's safe to say The Sabres would've swept. 3 for 4 out west, forecasting none of the series' length. I'm the worst at picking series length. Vancouver Dallas had goal-tendind duel written all over it. And Anaheim pushed the distance by the Wild? That was my worst pick, aside from the Flames getting their act together overnight. Somehow Turco (1.30) ended up with a better GAA than Luongo(1.41), so I missed on that pick. Lundqvist and his 1.50 are tops in the East though. Overall, I'd say I had my finger on the pulse of the first round.

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