Raking Leafs

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Well, that sucked

TOR @ NYI 04/05/07 - Shift Chart - TOI

Great play by Kaberle, but Boyd can't get it up

He gets all proud of himself because he managed not to take a minor penalty

Kaberle looks pretty nervous this weak floater from way out may beat a certain goal tender already waiting for the puck on his knees. I'm not sure it was obvious to everyone, but the Islanders didn't shoot low all game. Weak wristers from outside the blue line about waist high had me nervous. Playing percentages works in October. Playing the puck is needed now.

You hear me?!



  • At 11:09 PM, Blogger Simon Moody said…

    He didn't believe. But our forwards finally decided to outplay our defense. Kudo's to Steen and Stajan for a game well played, and of course Sundin did all he could without scoring. Go NJ.


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