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Just ask Boyd

TOR @ ATL 03/29/07 - Shift Chart - TOI

Don't let that picture fool you, the Leafs got run out of the building last night. According to ESPN the hitting differential between the two teams last night was four hits, 19 v 15. The lesson is to never trust ESPN hockey stats because the Thrashers out hit the Leafs to earn a win. Just ask Boyd. And if Pohl was one of the few laying the body, the Thrashers weren't taking much punishment. I'm not sure why Maurice didn't make an adjustment after the first or second periods, because the Thrashers' physicality was working, evidenced by Steen taking a dumb attempted retaliation penalty.

Positives, like moral victories, don't mean much when points are so critical, but it should be noted Raycroft played an excellent game, especially when the Thrashers cranked up the pressure after the first period. Even Fishler noticed.

Antro deserves some kudos as well. On the tying goal, he corralled the puck just outside the blue line, interupting the Atlanta break out, bought a bit of time for his teammates to get onside, entered the zone and fed the puck to the wing for the shot then drove to the net, collected the rebound, found Gill through three blue shirts, and fed Hal a great pass.

To correct Shoalts' article, Sundin didn't have the puck roll off his stick on the open net wrap around, Andy Sutton made a heck of play to block the shot.

Next up are the Penguins who had been previously thought to be bottom feeders, diving deep to catch prey practically blind. But like their Antarctic namesakes the Pittsburghers only dive to the bottom of the league so they can zoom upwards to catch their prey unawares. Yes, I watch too many nature programs but Crittercam is awesome. Thankfully, the game won't be played at the Igloo, but rather the newly comfy confines of the ACC. Hopefully Gary will still be on the shelf.

***And Simmons, don't try to appeal to my fondness for Kaberle. It won't work.

UPDATE - Check out Wyshynski's Coach Rankings. Also, the blogroll has been updated a bit. Check out the several new-to-me Leafs' blogs. And if I missed ya, don't fret, I'm not done spring cleaning.



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