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Japers' nails the 3

Following up on a post from last week, I found Japers' has written an excellent post on amending the NHL points system. I particularly like the idea of giving the full 3 points to a team that wins in a 5-on-5 10 minute overtime period, as the game being played at that point is still hockey. Once it goes to a shoot-out, the full 3 points can't be given to just one team, as it should be, but the losing team still gets something for playing 70 minutes of even hockey.

Second Thought - Though, I think a team should earn atleast a point for making it through regulation tied, so I'm not sure how I feel about the 3 points for an OT win anymore. (that took all of 20 minutes) So, I'm back to 3 pts for a REG win, 2 pts for an OT or SO win. 1 pt for not losing in regulation.


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